Submit an Article

We at Clarion also welcome readers to submit an article for publication. For such an article to be considered for publication, it must fall within the following guidelines:

  • Be original to the author (i.e. no plagiarism)
  • Be a piece never yet published or, if published elsewhere, submitted with formal permission from that publication to publish in Clarion
  • Normally a maximum of 1600 words (longer would require discussion with the editor)
    • If a series of articles is envisioned, the entire series must be presented up-front and approved before any in the series will be printed.
  • Written in a Christian manner
    • I.e. showing due respect and love for God and neighbour; speaking the truth in love; writing in line with the doctrine of the Word of God also as it is summarized in the Three Forms of Unity
  • Be on a topic of the kind normally published in Clarion and which would be of benefit to readers
  • Be clear, coherent, and readable with a minimum of content-editing needed
  • Be well-written (i.e. to current standards of grammar and syntax) with a minimum of copy-editing needed
  • Use the ESV in Scripture quotations (as a rule)
  • Include subheadings (approximately every two paragraphs)
  • Preferably be submitted as a Microsoft Word document

If possible and appropriate to the subject matter, please also submit images/photos (high quality resolution) for printing. These images must belong to the person submitting them or else be free from copyright.

Send your article as an attachment to:

To keep our workflow at Clarion efficient, only those submissions approved for publication will be responded to indicating the same. If you do not receive a reply from Clarion within 3 weeks of submitting your article, please understand that this normally means your piece will not be published.