Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are most welcome! We love receiving feedback from our readers. Whether it’s a short note to express your agreement or to add your thoughts to what we’ve written, or whether it’s a letter to disagree and present an alternative point of view, we welcome your reflections. Or maybe you have an idea to share with us about how things can be improved at Clarion or perhaps elsewhere in our church circles. All such letters are appreciated and will be read with interest!

We aim to print as many letters as possible. That said, the letters that we publish must fall within these guidelines:

  • Maximum 300 words
  • Written in a Christian manner
    • I.e. showing due respect and love for God and neighbour; speaking the truth in love; writing in line with the doctrine of the Word of God also as it is summarized in the Three Forms of Unity
  • Submitted either as an Microsoft Word document or simply written in the body of an email

Letters longer than 300 words may, at the discretion of the editor, occasionally be published under “Reader’s Forum”.

Send your letter to: letters@clarionmagazine.ca

To keep our workflow at Clarion efficient, only those letters approved for publication will be responded to indicating the same. If you do not receive a reply from Clarion within 2 weeks of submitting your letter, please understand that this normally means your letter will not be published.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to edit a letter for clarity.