What is Clarion?

Clarion is a biweekly magazine from the context of the Canadian/American Reformed Church federation. Our mission is to encourage, educate, engage and unite church members. To equip God's people for his glory, in faithfulness to Scripture, as summarized in the Reformed confessions, Clarion adheres to the following core values:

  • Confessionally Reformed
  • Loving in manner
  • Attuned to current issues
  • Readable and Reliable
  • In Submission to Scripture
  • Open to constructive criticism
  • Nurturing Christian living

Editorial Committee

Editor in chief: Peter Holtvl├╝wer
Managing Editor: Laura Veenendaal
Contributing editors: Eric Kampen, Mathew VanLuik, Jason Van Vliet, Jim Witteveen

Address For Editorial Matters

8 Inverness Crescent, St. Albert, AB T8N 5J5

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Letters to the Editor
Book Reviews

General Inquiries: editor@clarionmagazine.ca

Address For Administrative Matters

One Beghin Avenue
Winnipeg, MB Canada R2J 3X5
Phone: 204-663-9000

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